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IOV Media is a media-based network inspiring directors to take their channels to the next level. IOV stands for Inspiring Other Viewers. We would like to offer you an opportunity to apply for our YouTube partnership program, where you can start a career on YouTube. If you have the desire to be a Youtube Partner and would like turn your hobby into a career, we recommend you visit the IOV application page. Apply Today!

We had been in the YouTube network industry for 2 years before IOV Media was created. We did not want IOV Media to be the typical networks you see on the Internet. IOV had to differentiate itself from the rest. Therefore, the ultimate goal was to give directors the control of their futures and become successful. After a long 12 months of hard work, we turned our dream into a reality. The IOV staff had been waiting patiently for several months for the movement to be released publically. Choosing IOV among other organizations guarentees our partners the connections, information, and support they need to maximize their entertainment capabilities and build their audience to a size they never thought possible.

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